eBay Listing Service

eBay Listing Service

eBay Listing Product Title and Description Service

I have 12 years experience as an eBay Listing Service. Selling products on eBay is lucrative, but it’s important you stay ahead of your competition! It’s not enough to simply write a couple of sentences about your product and hope for the best.

You need a compelling and keyword rich title that ensures your product is seen in the search results both on eBay and in Google searches. That title must also tempt potential customers to click through to your full product description.

Once there, you need an informative, detailed and optimised product description that makes people want to buy now! I will create an SEO friendly title for your product listing to ensure your product appears and stands out in the search results.

Then, I’ll write a product description of at least 250 words including the features and benefits of your product.I’ll supply your listing in word document format so all you need to do is copy and paste it into your ‘Sell Your Item’ form on eBay.

What's Included?

80 Character Optimised Title

250 Word Optimised Product Description

1 Product Description      £30.00
2 Product Descriptions    £50.00
3 Product Descriptions    £75.00
4 Product Descriptions    £100.00
5 Product Descriptions    £125.00
6 Product Descriptions    £150.00
7 Product Descriptions    £175.00
8 Product Descriptions    £200.00
9 Product Descriptions    £225.00
10 Product Descriptions  £250.00

If you require more than 10 eBay Listing Product Description and Titles please contact me for a quotation.