Need an eCommerce Website Description or an eCommerce Copywriting Service?

eCommerce Product Description Copywriting Service

I have many clients using our eCommerce website description service and eCommerce copywriting services. Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing at its peak. With 12 years of experience, description writing is something of a second nature to me. It takes a powerful combination of knowledge, skill, creativity and style to create an eCommerce product description that is convincing and has the capability to make your potential customers purchase your products.

My copywriting skills allow me to produce eCommerce product descriptions for you that give the reader the opportunity to connect with your brand. Each product description will be creative, unique and hold your customers’ attention long enough for them to purchase. 

So, if you would like your products to shine, allow me to assist you with your eCommerce copywriting and create extra special product descriptions.

I will use a combination of your preferred selected keywords and my carefully chosen adjectives to make your eCommerce product descriptions the best they can be. Simply send me the full details and spec of your products with images and links if applicable.

Please note there is a minimum order of 2 eCommerce product descriptions.

What's Included?

2 x 150 Word eCommerce Product Descriptions

2 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £40.00
3 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £55.00
4 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £70.00
5 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £85.00
6 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £100.00
7 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £115.00
8 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £130.00
9 eCommerce Product Descriptions    £145.00
10 eCommerce Product Descriptions  £160.00

If you require more than 10 eCommerce Product Descriptions please contact me for a bulk quotation.